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Effects of Globalization, Industrialization, Modernization And Urbanization in Modern Business

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The Opportunities and Threats of Globalization in International business

The globalization provides opportunities to international business operators are as follows:
Political Liberalization  The political ideology of any nation removes the barrier to conduct trade activities. There is a friendly environment for the investors to conduct the business which is the major reason for the opportunity for globalization.
Technology The technology is innovated and novelties found every day. It is creating the opportunity to globalize as the innovation has made able to operate the business in any corner of the world.
Cost  The opportunity of globalization is the cost factor. In order to gain economies of scale i.e. efficiency in labor, the businesses are operating all around the world.
Market  Due to the need for expansion of the market to operate in a competitive manner is another opportunity to globalize the business.
Competition  The competitive intensity is raising due to which business investors are more influenced to operate globally to grab the opportunity.

Strategic Management - Importance of Internal Factor Analysis

Internal Factor Analysis Summary 1. Internal factor includes resources and function of an organization such as Marketing, finance, human resource, production/operation, research and development, management information system.

2. The internal factor can be controlled and influenced.

3. Internal factor looks at its own strength and weakness and then look at external factors by identifying opportunities and threats.

4. Internal factor analysis helps to establish long-term objectives, generate, evaluate, and select strategies i.e. strategy formulation.
Importance of Internal Factor Analysis 1. Internal factor analysis helps to analyze its resources and functional strengths and weaknesses.

2. Internal factor analysis helps to understand the factors and work upon those factors so as to gain competitive advantage, growth, profitability in the firm.

3. Internal factor analysis helps to internally assess the organization and formulate, implement, and evaluate the strategic plan and cross-func…

Strategic Management - Characteristics And Effectiveness of Strategic Groups

Strategic groups are a group of similar firms/business within an industry having the same business models and strategies. For example, the restaurant industry having fast food, fine dining, etc.

1. Strategic groups help to identify the direct competitors and competitive environment.

2. Likely or possibility of one strategic group moving to another group within an industry.

3. Identify strategic problems.

4. Strategic groups help in identifying opportunities.

Therefore, Strategic groups help to understand the opportunities, strategic problems, possibility of moving from one group to another, and identify its direct competitors.

Strategic groups characteristics can also be a way to understand its effectiveness.

1. Market Segments

2. Product/Services Diversity

3. Product/Service Quality

4. Pricing

5. Distribution Channels

6. Geographical Expansion

Importance of Mission Statement while Preparing An Effective Strategic Plan

Mission Statement is important because it explains the existence, objectives, and goals of our business. A mission statement is crucial for any organization so as to understand its business purpose very clearly and well identified so as to achieve the advantage, profitability, and growth.
Nine Components of a Mission Statement 1. Customers- Who are the firm's customers? Analyzing the customer and serving them.

2. Market- Size of a market, Segmentation of markets.

3. Technology- Do the firm have advancement in technology? Is the firm using innovative technology?

4. Philosophy- Firm's policies, beliefs, attitudes, values.

5. Concern for growth and profitability- Is the firm has a chance to grow and earn a profit? How growth and profitability are to be achieved?

6. Concern for the public image- Is the firm concerned for social responsibility?

7. Concern for employees- Is the firm takes employees as their valuable asset to the firm?

8. Geography- Firm's geographical expansion…

Importance of External Environmental Analysis in Strategic Management

External Environmental Analysis (EEA) is the analysis of the external environment which helps in analyzing the trends and activities of the industry in the marketplace. The processes of EEA are:
1. Scanning
2. Monitoring
3. Forecasting
4. Accessing
Micro and Macro factors in the Business Micro factors look at the specificity and macro factors look at the overall economy/business. Micro factors can be influenced because it is an assessment of the specific firm, and Macro factors are less influenced because it is external factors which are difficult to predict and understand. Therefore, micro factors are the factors of the specific firm such as the functional department, policies, procedures, laws, etc which can be influenced and changed when necessary. But, macro factors are external factors/segments such as demographics, political, legal, socio-cultural, technology, environment, legal issues that can be difficult to predict and influence.
The typical External Environmental AnalysisSc…

Importance of Resource-Based View in Strategic Plan Design

The resource-based view is very effective because resources are an important part of an organization that defines the organization's distinctive competencies and capabilities. It helps in the competitive advantage over our competitors and helps in the growth and profitability of the firm.

Resource-based view helps the organization to understand the accessibility of resources and using/implementing/allocating those resources effectively and efficiently.

Resources are of three types:
1. Rare resources (which other organization doesn't have much or doesn't have at all)
2. No substitute for resources that you have/own
3. Hard to imitate by the other competitive organization

The type, amount, and nature of resources are to be understood by the organization so as to use it and allocate the resources properly.

It looks at the specific products and services rather than a vaguely defining organization. Resources and functional both are important in understanding the strengths and …

Antenna Array Analysis - Radiation Pattern And Theorems

The importance of Antenna propagation What is Antenna? It is defined as a transducer which converts an electrical signal into electromagnetic wave or vice-versa. There are various types of antenna. They are termed as a wire antenna, aperture antenna, array antenna, microstrip antenna, lens antenna, a reflector antenna, etc. The wire antenna is used in various fields. They are used in buildings, ships, air-crafts, automobiles, space-crafts, etc.

The microstrip antennas have a metallic patch on the grounded substrate. The reflector antenna is used in communication for great distances purpose.

In the lens antenna, incident divergent energy is collimated to prevent it from spreading in undesired directions.

Aperture antenna is widely used due to its higher frequency. It has an aperture i.e. opening with a certain geometrical shape.

In antenna propagation, the antenna array is defined as an arrangement of various radiating elements. Here, the various radiating elements are arranged in an …

Best Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

Natural Hair Treatment At Home Having a problem with your hair getting damaged, hair fall, dandruff, oily, dry, etc? Don't panic you will get a solution at your home without investing much for your hair treatments. It is hundred percent natural and effective. Some natural home remedies for your hair and some tips to prevent your hair from getting damaged are mentioned below.
How to prevent hair from Getting damage 1. Good hygiene and a healthy diet is a must for your healthy hair.

2. Try using some Ayurvedic or any other gentle shampoos such as Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos which do not contain heavy chemicals. Shampoos containing harmful chemicals will badly affect your hair.

3. Shampoo your hair every alternate day because using it daily makes your hair dry and rough.

4. Do not rub your hair hard with a towel and brush it when it's wet. It leads to hair fall.

5. Use of egg and honey is good for hair. Honey, egg, and yogurt can be applied in every hair types and it moi…

Top 9 Healthy Heart Tips

Tips to have Strong Heart There is no doubt that heart is our one of the vital organs of our body. We should be very aware of keeping our heart healthy. To keep heart healthy, there should be no any heart diseases. It is fact that heart disease is one of the common diseases found throughout the world. The three special factors that are directly related to heart disease are a heart attack, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure.
Ways to keep our Heart Healthy 1. We should be very aware of the diet. We should control our appetite and maintain a standard body weight. We should control the weight of the body because both excessive weight and low weight is not good for the health. The various foods we should control while eating are high protein foods, pastries, sweets, desserts, etc. Try to avoid salty and oily foods. It is not good for the heart. Eat balanced diet/food which is good for health.

2. Exercise (especially mild exercise) is very good for both heart and health. Perform r…

Voltage Regulator And Switch Power Supply

Voltage Regulator- It is defined as the circuit that supplies a constant voltage without any reference to the load currents in that particular circuit. The voltage regulator is used to maintain a constant voltage supply i.e. it takes a fluctuating voltage level. The main function of the voltage regulator is to generate stable dc voltage for powering desirable electronic circuits.

There are generally two types of the voltage regulator. They are termed as a series voltage regulator and switching voltage regulator.

1. For series voltage regulator- It is also known as a linear voltage regulator (or the series pass regulator) because it uses the power transistor connected in series form, between the uncontrolled dc input and the desired load in that particular circuit. The power transistor used in the series voltage regulator conducts in the active region.

Here, the linear region is also termed as a linear region (or ohmic mode). The main function of the series voltage regulator is to maint…