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What Makes A Good Leader

Qualities and Characteristics of Good Leadership: Good Leadership is defined as motivating people to achieve goals and objectives interestingly and easily in any given situation. There are various characteristics of good leadership. In determining the goals and objectives, the leader plays an important role. Here, the role of a leader in leadership is to achieve certain goals. A good leader should have a clear sense of vision and good judgment so that the people under them work in a dynamic environment. Good leadership also has other characteristics of adaptability, objectivity, and self-knowledge. A good leader can adapt to any environment and have good self-knowledge about the task he is carrying. Another important characteristic of good leadership is that they can co-operative with any other members of the team. They can act independently in any situation. A good leader must always have a hunger for learning new ideas so that it is implemented for the given task. I
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What is the meaning to be found in music?

Music is life. Music is a joy. Music is everywhere. Music is peace. Music uplifts the soul. Music defines who you are. Music is clinks and clanks which come together into one heartwarming sound. Music does shape our identity because it helps to connect our personality, lifestyle, and the kind of emotional reactions that we have. If you prefer jazz your characteristics include high self-esteem, creative, outgoing, gentle, and at ease, if you prefer rap u are outgoing as well as have high self-esteem, if you prefer rock you have low self-esteem, creative, not hardworking, not outgoing and at ease, if you prefer to pop your characteristics include high self-esteem, not creative, hardworking, outgoing gentle and at ease. These are the characteristics a person possesses with different tastes in music. Music speaks about who you are. Music expresses people’s feelings. It inspires you and makes you happy. It makes you calm, and peaceful and it reminds you of the memories either good or

Why Do We Dream?

Do you know that the scientific study of dreaming is called Oneirology? In most of history, it didn’t exist because we can’t hold a dream. It’s difficult to measure a dream if we ask other people about what they dreamt the results are almost always unpredictable. It’s estimated that we forget 95% of the dream we saw in the time of ten minutes. In 1952, researchers of the University of Chicago found a unique type of electrical activity in the stage of the person sleeping. If we give consideration to the electrical activity of the brain it almost exactly mimics the way the brain acts. The production difference of chemicals inside the brain like norepinephrine, serotonin, and histamine is almost completely blocked which causes muscles to move. You can also be inside your dream when you know you are dreaming. This theory is called Lucy dreaming. It is particularly attractive and helps us to make conscious decisions about what we do. However, if a person learns some skills in a day you

The Business Idea of Online Card Design

Business Development Plan of Online Card Design (BDP Sample) Do you know online card design has been one of the most neglected industries in the country? The new business is emerging day by day, and many cultural programs are held in many places in our city. The trend of business card exchanging is increasing a lot lately. There are some card designers as well as card printers. As we have diversity in the culture we have many cultures locally. And there are many e-commerce sites in the country. But, there is no site that provides a card design facility and delivery to the end customer. The customers can choose from millions of templates that are designed by the local designer who is an expert in their field. This will be an opportunity for the designer who will design the templates and the end customer who will enjoy the design made by them. It’s a stop for both the parties which can be very profitable Online card design, the idea is old but there is no current market competitor

External Environment Analysis (PESTLE, Porter’s 5 forces, Opportunities, and Threats) of the Nepal Airlines Corporation

Nepal Airlines is the national flag carrier of Nepal, established in 1958 and headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal.  External Environment Analysis - PESTLE Analysis  Political:   The airline industry is widely obstructed by regulations and restrictions so the government-owned Nepal Airlines has been suffering due to poor management, high political interference, and corruption.    Economic: According to the forecast of economic models, the Nepal GDP per capita (PPP) was projected to trend around 2690.00 USD in 2020, and also the economic condition of the Nepalese citizens is improving. This signifies that air travelers are increasing significantly and the aviation industry will ultimately keep on growing.  Social:   The Nepalese youths are migrating to India/Malaysia and mostly gulf countries to earn money due to the unemployment condition in Nepal. Also, many Nepalese students are going abroad for higher studies to gain quality education from foreign institutions. Also, Nepal

The impact of Multinational Companies (MNCs) on Employability

There is both positive and negative impact of Multinational Companies (MNCs) on employability. According to the Educalingo website, employability refers to a person's capability for gaining and maintaining employment and also to engage or make use of the services of an individual in return for money. Employment Creation is one of the major benefits for the people in the host country where the MNCs are operated. Employment creation is considered the most important factor that inward FDI has expected to contribute to the host country. The employment opportunities are provided by Multinational Companies (MNCs) directly or indirectly. According to the various pieces of literature available on the internet, a significant base of buyers for those goods and services is needed for demand to grow. As they have insufficient money for the job creation fails if the principal consumers refuse to buy and also if they feel economic pressure, they borrow less. In developing countries, employm

The top 6 benefits for small and poor countries being as WTO member

The small and poor countries join WTO in order to expand their business and achieve benefits like Raising living standards, Income opportunities, Employment opportunities, Increase production, Environment production, etc. However joining WTO, the small and poor countries seems not so happy with the business beyond the border. There are certain reasons like: 1. Political reasons Some countries are not able to obtain opportunities due to weak political structures and political instability. 2. Infrastructure Even if there is a trade opportunity in joining WTO, the lack of infrastructure (like a roadway, technology, and seaports) always lags small and poor countries behind. 3. Weak negotiation Due to the dominance of big nations in the WTO, small and poor countries always feel weak in terms of making negotiations. The proposals of small and poor countries are not considered in limelight. 4. Domestic producers The domestic players of poor countries are not so capable enough

The importance of the Multilateral trade system in International business

The multilateral trade system is the trade happening between two or more nations. There is membership of several nations from developing, developed, and emerging nations. Multilateral trade is basically for the benefit of trade to all nations. Multilateral trade happens in organizations like WTO, BIMSTEC, SAFTA, NAFTA, EU, etc. The trading system has several principles of Most favored nation treatment, national treatment, and special and differential treatment. These principles are made in order to function in a similar manner and provide the benefit of multilateral trade to all. Most favored nation treatment is one of the principles which comes with the concept of equal treatment to all nations. There are big nations as well as small nations but multilateral trade allows both big and small nations equal treatment making clear there is no difference in trade between nations. Nation treatment is another principle of multilateral trade where there is a non-discrimination policy fo

How do tariffs and subsidies protect domestic producers

Trade policies are the goals, regulations, and standards set by any nation driven by political and economic reasons. There are several instruments to regulate trade activities, Tariff and subsidies are instruments that are used by any government in order to protect producers from the competition of similar foreign producers. A tariff is a duty or charge imposed to import and export certain goods and services from a foreign country. The tariff on the goods can be imposed in order to encourage domestic producers for economic activity. It can be based on a specific fixed-rate system. The goods which are to be preserved to the domestic market are imposed a high tariff for exporting whereas to restrict and discourage more import to support local industries from the severe competition there is a high tariff on the import of goods. It is an instrument used by the government which helps to boom the domestic market from giant competitors of similar goods from other nations. The subsidy

Comparative advantage and competitive advantage in international trade

The trade theories are manifested as per the velocity of time with various improvements in every sector to help in allocating the resources smoothly. Comparative cost advantage theory and competitive advantage theories are two development of theories to occur trade between countries. The findings of both of the theories differ in their own terms. The comparative cost advantage theory is developed after the absolute cost advantage theory. Absolute cost advantage theory assumed trade if the country can produce at a lower cost with the presence of abundant resources. However, comparative cost advantage theory has the benefit of abundant resources it should trade for those resources that it can produce relatively at a lower cost. In another way, the competitive advantage was developed by Porter. It majorly focuses on innovation and upgrades to make the trade and gain a competitive advantage. He has developed four reasons why any country can trade to gain a competitive advantage: 1

The Opportunities and Threats of Globalization in International business

Globalization provides opportunities to international business operators are as follows: Political Liberalization  The political ideology of any nation removes the barrier to conducting trade activities. There is a friendly environment for the investors to conduct the business which is the major reason for the opportunity for globalization. Technology The technology is innovated and novelties are found every day. It is creating the opportunity to globalize as the innovation has made able to operate the business in any corner of the world. Cost  The opportunity of globalization is the cost factor. To gain economies of scale i.e. efficiency in labor, the businesses are operating all around the world. Market  The need for expansion of the market to operate competitively is another opportunity to globalize the business. Competition  The competitive intensity is raising due to which business investors are more influenced to operate globally to grab the opportunity. Howev

Strategic Management - Importance of Internal Factor Analysis

Importance of Internal Factor Analysis 1. Internal factor analysis helps to analyze its resources and functional strengths and weaknesses. 2. Internal factor analysis helps to understand the factors and work upon those factors so as to gain competitive advantage, growth, and profitability in the firm. 3. Internal factor analysis helps to internally assess the organization and formulate, implement, and evaluate the strategic plan and cross-functional decision so as to achieve the company's primary objective of above-average return and competitive advantage. 4. Internal factor analysis explains the company's available resources or ease of access to resources and whether those resources are rare, easily, or hardly imitable, and whether substitute available or not. Resources are defined by their type, nature, and amount. Internal factors analysis helps to understand the organization internally and with a clear understanding of its competencies and capabilities that

Strategic Management - Characteristics And Effectiveness of Strategic Groups

Strategic groups are a group of similar firms/businesses within an industry having the same business models and strategies. For example, the restaurant industry has fast food, fine dining, etc. 1. Strategic groups help to identify the direct competitors and competitive environment. 2. Likely or the possibility of one strategic group moving to another group within an industry. 3. Identify strategic problems. 4. Strategic groups help in identifying opportunities. Therefore, Strategic groups help to understand the opportunities, strategic problems, and possibility of moving from one group to another, and identify its direct competitors. Strategic group characteristics can also be a way to understand its effectiveness. 1. Market Segments 2. Product/Services Diversity 3. Product/Service Quality 4. Pricing 5. Distribution Channels 6. Geographical Expansion

Importance of Mission Statement while Preparing An Effective Strategic Plan

The mission statement is important because it explains the existence, objectives, and goals of our business. A mission statement is crucial for any organization to understand its business purpose very clearly and well-identified to achieve advantage, profitability, and growth. Nine Components of a Mission Statement 1. Customers - Who are the firm's customers? Analyzing the customer and serving them. 2. Market - Size of a market, Segmentation of markets. 3. Technology - Does the firm have advancements in technology? Is the firm using innovative technology? 4. Philosophy - Firm's policies, beliefs, attitudes, and values. 5. Concern for growth and profitability - Is the firm has a chance to grow and earn a profit? How growth and profitability are to be achieved? 6. Concern for the public image - Is the firm concerned about social responsibility? 7. Concern for employees - Is the firm taking employees as valuable assets to the firm? 8. Geography - Firm's

Importance of External Environmental Analysis in Strategic Management

External Environmental Analysis (EEA) is the analysis of the external environment which helps in analyzing the trends and activities of the industry in the marketplace. The processes of EEA are: 1. Scanning 2. Monitoring 3. Forecasting 4. Accessing Micro and Macro factors in the Business Micro factors look at the specificity and macro factors look at the overall economy/business. Micro factors can be influenced because it is an assessment of the specific firm, and Macro factors are less influenced because it is external factors that are difficult to predict and understand. Therefore, micro factors are the factors of the specific firm such as the functional department, policies, procedures, laws, and others which can be influenced and changed when necessary. But, macro factors are external factors/segments such as demographics, political, legal, socio-cultural, technology, environment, and legal issues that can be difficult to predict and influence. External Environmental An

Importance of Resource-Based View in Strategic Plan Design

The resource-based view is very effective because resources are an important part of an organization that defines the organization's distinctive competencies and capabilities. It helps in the competitive advantage over our competitors and helps in the growth and profitability of the firm. The resource-based view helps the organization to understand the accessibility of resources and use/implement/allocate those resources effectively and efficiently. Resources are of three types: 1. Rare resources (which other organization doesn't have much or doesn't have at all) 2. No substitute for resources that you have/own 3. Hard to imitate by the other competitive organization The type, amount, and nature of resources are to be understood by the organization so as to use them and allocate the resources properly. It looks at the specific products and services rather than a vaguely defining organization. Resources and function both are important in understanding the st

Antenna Array Analysis - Radiation Pattern And Theorems

The importance of Antenna propagation   What is Antenna? It is defined as a transducer that converts an electrical signal into an electromagnetic wave or vice-versa. There are various types of antennae. They are termed as a wire antenna, aperture antenna, array antenna, microstrip antenna, lens antenna, reflector antenna, etc. The wire antenna is used in various fields. They are used in buildings, ships, air-crafts, automobiles, spacecraft, etc. The microstrip antennas have a metallic patch on the grounded substrate. The reflector antenna is used in communication for great distances purposes. In the lens antenna, incident divergent energy is collimated to prevent it from spreading in undesired directions. Aperture antenna is widely used due to its higher frequency. It has an aperture i.e. opening with a certain geometrical shape. In antenna propagation, the antenna array is defined as an arrangement of various radiating elements. Here, the various radiating elements

Best Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

Natural Hair Treatment At Home Have a problem with your hair getting damaged, hair fall, dandruff, oily, dry, etc? Don't panic you will get a solution at your home without investing much in your hair treatments. It is a hundred percent natural and effective. Some natural home remedies for your hair and some tips to prevent your hair from getting damaged are mentioned below. How to prevent hair from getting damage 1. Good hygiene and a healthy diet is a must for your healthy hair. 2. Try using some Ayurvedic or any other gentle shampoos such as Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos that do not contain heavy chemicals. Shampoos containing harmful chemicals will badly affect your hair. 3. Shampoo your hair every alternate day because using it daily makes your hair dry and rough. 4. Do not rub your hair hard with a towel and brush it when it's wet. It leads to hair fall. 5. The use of eggs and honey is good for hair. Honey, egg, and yogurt can be applied to every hai

Top 9 Healthy Heart Tips

Tips to have a Strong Heart There is no doubt that the heart is one of the vital organs of our body. We should be very aware of keeping our hearts healthy. To keep the heart healthy, there should be no heart disease. It is a fact that heart disease is one of the common diseases found throughout the world. The three special factors that are directly related to heart disease are heart attack, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure. Ways to keep our Heart Healthy 1. We should be very aware of the diet. We should control our appetite and maintain standard body weight. We should control the weight of the body because both excessive weight and low weight are not good for health. The various foods we should control while eating are high protein foods, pastries, sweets, desserts, etc. Try to avoid salty and oily foods. It is not good for the heart. Eat a balanced diet/food which is good for your health. 2. Exercise (especially mild exercise) is very good for both heart and hea

Voltage Regulator And Switch Power Supply

Voltage Regulator- It is defined as the circuit that supplies a constant voltage without any reference to the load currents in that particular circuit. The voltage regulator is used to maintain a constant voltage supply i.e. it takes a fluctuating voltage level. The main function of the voltage regulator is to generate stable dc voltage for powering desirable electronic circuits. There are generally two types of voltage regulators. They are termed a series voltage regulator and switching voltage regulators. 1. For series voltage regulator- It is also known as a linear voltage regulator (or the series pass regulator) because it uses the power transistor connected in series form, between the uncontrolled dc input and the desired load in that particular circuit. The power transistor used in the series voltage regulator conducts in the active region. Here, the linear region is also termed a linear region (or ohmic mode). The main function of the series voltage regulator is to

Computer Memory - RAM, DRAM, and SRAM

Computer Memory is the temporary (or maybe permanent) storage block in a computer. In general, the computer consists of the main four blocks. They are the memory, I/O, arithmetic & logic unit, and the central processing unit. The computer memory controls all the information (data and instruction) that is processed in the central processing unit. Computer memory means the internal storage areas present in a computer that comes in the form of chips. There are many types of computer memory that have different functions and applications. In general, computer memory is classified into two major headings. They are termed Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read-Only Memory (ROM). Random Access Memory (RAM) in Computer Memory It is the most common type of computer memory which is frequently used in a computer and can be accessed randomly. The random access memory is available in the form of integrated circuits which allows data and instruction to be read & written in the same amo

The Most Beautiful Story Ever Written

I just couldn't believe my eyes standing in such a beautiful and peaceful place. I was standing at the astounding island in the middle of the deep ocean. I was delighted by the magnificent purlieu. I took a glance at the water of the huge ocean where I could see my reflection on it. I was dressed up in a light milky color filled with stunning pearls. I felt like a princess, indeed a very pretty princess. Was I on a date? I simply had no idea of how I appeared there. Then I moved a bit inner and reached a place which I called my Dreamland I must say it was one of the most amazing creations of God. At one corner bloomed marvelous red tulips, and at the other corner were yellow, purple, white, and pink ones. In tall green trees were birds chirping and producing a melodious sound. As I was humming and dancing with joy, my eyes fell upon a guy who was watching me and smiling from a bit far. I suddenly stopped and he moved towards me. He was tall and hale with a fair complexion.

Why Avoid Junk foods

How do you define Junk Foods? It is defined as a food that has little nutritional content and is often high in salt, sugar, fat, and calories. Junk foods are highly processed and eaten instead of a balanced diet. They are available in departmental stores, groceries, restaurants, etc. Most of the junk foods fall into the fast-food or snack food categories. Both snack foods and fast foods are harmful to our health. Some examples of junk foods are potato chips, candy, ice cream, noodles, snacks, packed foods, canned foods, fried fast food, sugary carbonated beverages, etc. They have low nutritive values because they may be expired or rotten. We must avoid junk foods because they are very harmful to health. By eating such foods, we may suffer from food poisoning. Also, consuming such types of foods alters brain activity. The other problems that occur after consuming junk foods are constipation, diarrhea, malnutrition, etc. Junk foods may be tasty and attractive but are very poor