The Business Idea of Online Card Design

Business Development Plan of Online Card Design (BDP Sample)

Business Development Plan of Online Card Design (BDP Sample)

The online card design has been of one of the most neglected industries in our country. The new business is emerging day by day many cultural programs are held in many places in our city. The trend of business cards exchanging is increasing a lot lately. There are some card designer as well as card printers. But the problem is not that there are two different stop for the same product, the problem is that they print it in English or Nepali. As we have diversity in the culture we have many cultures locally. And there are many e-commerce sites in Nepal. But, there is none site which provides a card design facility and delivery to the end customer. Our customer can choose from millions of templates which are designed by the local designer who is experts in their field. This will be an opportunity for the designer who will design the templates and the end customer who will enjoy the design made by them. It’s a stop for both the parties which can be very profitable

Online card design, the idea is old but there is no current market competitor for card design online. In terms of the Nepalese market, there is some e-commerce site who sells card but they are like retail store who sells premade cards to end customer. So there is no major competitor nationwide. There are many card printing and card designing but they are offering non-customizable ability in terms of language and looks.

Online card design is not just an idea that came over mind, I had a hard time finding the card that was right and fulfilling most of my demands. So a business student I saw a very untapped market that has a great future shortly. I did some market research on the card’s situation in Nepal and came to know that I am not the only one suffering from this problem. Many people are forced to buy or choose from limited stocks of templates. Making it more competitive over other card designer’s it will be best if this idea could be available online so the customer can make their own choice card from over 10million+ templates which are made from local card designer.

The main service of online card design would be providing a cultural taste in cards like business card, wedding card, cultural event cards, and valentine cards. This business idea is favorable for all aged people. They could use the card it’s just that the forms and shapes are different.

Moreover, below is the list of unique services online card design could provide:
  1. Customer can make the website language to their own cultural language, which really makes the customer easier and feeling of belonging is created.
  2. A wide range of templates, the customer will be able to choose over 10million+ templates and weekly of 10,000 templates area added so the customer is never out of templates.
  3. Customer will be able to create an ID on our website and save the card templates/he liked and can save the card in the middle of editing for future creating which makes customers.
  4. Customer can deliver the particular to their desired location.


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