Top 5 Advantages of Digital Communication System


Good Reasons To Choose Digital Communication System

1. The digital communication system has high noise immunity. High noise immunity means the digital communication system is more immune to noise as compared to the analog communication system. In an analog communication system, the system has less noise immunity compared to a digital system. The noise produced in an analog communication system is very high compared to the digital communication system. Therefore, the digital communication system is preferred for better noise immunity.

2. It has many advantages in storing and processing various data and information. The data and information stored or retrieved in a digital communication system can be achieved in any format like audio or video, etc. But in an analog communication system, the information processed is hard to obtain in any desirable format. It can't achieve in the format demanded by the user. Therefore, the digital communication system is preferred for a better output format.

3. The digital communication system is best in the view of the economy point. For analog or digital communication system, the economic factor plays an important role in mass production. When installing any communication system whether analog or digital, economic factor plays a vital role.

The communication system is installed according to the economic budget. That is what type of system can be installed and is best in the invested budget.

Therefore, the digital communication system is cheap as compared to the analog communication system. As per economic view, the digital communication system is preferred rather than the analog communication system.

4. It has the advantage of signal regeneration. It means that various signals that are processed in a digital communication channel can be regenerated into the original input form as per a user's demand. But if you look in the case of an analog communication system you can't easily regenerate the required signal after it is processed.

Hence, the digital communication system is best in the case of the signal regeneration process.

5. Also, for security purposes, the digital communication system is used nowadays. It has better security options than an analog communication system. Nowadays, the security problem is a hot issue in the case of any communication system. One only chooses the communication system where better security is used. It is so to prevent signal theft, data loss, system hack, and many other important functions. Therefore, the digital communication system has a better advantage for security purposes. It is so because of the encryption and decryption algorithm used in the digital communication system.

Disadvantages of a digital communication system

It has just a few disadvantages as compared to an analog communication system. In a digital communication system, the signals of high bandwidth are passed. Therefore, to pass such high bandwidth signals obviously the high bandwidth communication channel is used as compared to the analog communication channel. The high bandwidth communication channel is costly than the low bandwidth communication channel.

Also, there are many complex operations carried out in the digital communication channel as compared to analog one. The few examples of such complex operations are encoding and quantization of input signals. In other words, we can say that various quantization operations are carried out for the signals passed through the digital communication channel which is a little bit complex to deal with.

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