Why Do We Dream?

Why Do We Dream?

Do you know that the scientific study of dreaming is called Oneirology? In most of history, it didn’t exist because we can’t hold a dream. It’s difficult to measure a dream if we ask other people about what they dreamt the results are almost always unpredictable. It’s estimated that we forget 95% of our dream we saw in the time of ten minutes. In 1952, researchers of the University of Chicago found that its unique type of electrical activity in the stage of the person sleeping. If we give consideration to the electrical activity of the brain it almost exactly mimics the way the brain acts.

The production difference of chemicals inside the brain like norepinephrine, serotonin, and histamine is almost completely blocked which causes muscles to move. You can also be inside your dream and when you know you are dreaming. This theory is called Lucy dreaming. It is particularly attractive and helps to make conscious decisions about what we do. However, if a person learns some skills in a day you can see it in your dream. The unconscious brain is busy organizing memories. They are not supposed to make sense. Dreams are not a primary process but, they are the important process going behind.

Some researchers don’t believe this theory. They believe that the primary purpose is to prepare us for threats. They consider it because the most prevalent emotions in our dreams are negative emotions like anger, abandonment, fear, anxiety, etc. It is believed that if people have terrifying dreams they were better at dealing with anxiety in the real world and had stronger genes. One theory says that we dream because it helps to facilitate our creative tendencies. The artist gives credit to their dreams as they get the inspiration to do the most creative work. We see dreams where we see and feel like a movie or a song, too. It also helps us to store our important memories we have learned and get rid of complicated thoughts and feelings.

So the theories mentioned above are popular in today’s world but, they don’t really enjoy a consensus not everyone agrees on them and they barely scratch a surface of the scientific bond about the dream. It is possible that one day we will discover the definitive reason for the dream. But, until that time arrives we will just have to keep on dreaming.


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