Top 9 Healthy Heart Tips


Tips to have Strong Heart

There is no doubt that heart is our one of the vital organs of our body. We should be very aware of keeping our heart healthy. To keep heart healthy, there should be no any heart diseases. It is fact that heart disease is one of the common diseases found throughout the world. The three special factors that are directly related to heart disease are a heart attack, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure.

Ways to keep our Heart Healthy

1. We should be very aware of the diet. We should control our appetite and maintain a standard body weight. We should control the weight of the body because both excessive weight and low weight is not good for the health. The various foods we should control while eating are high protein foods, pastries, sweets, desserts, etc. Try to avoid salty and oily foods. It is not good for the heart. Eat balanced diet/food which is good for health.

2. Exercise (especially mild exercise) is very good for both heart and health. Perform regular exercise. Having a proper rest is extra beneficial for the heart. We should give proper care to both physical and mental rest. Having only physical rest is not sufficient, mental rest is also needed side by side. Therefore, we should give proper attention to both mental and physical relief.

3. Do not take overstress on anything; it will increase your blood pressure. As a result, it will affect your heart. Try to balance your personal, social and professional life.

4. Give proper care and attention to high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, try to reduce it. Always maintain your blood pressure. Both low and high blood pressure is not good for the health as well as your heart. Give proper attention to the diet. Try to have a lot of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fast foods as much as you can.

5. Say a big NO to alcohol as well as smoking. Both alcohol and smoking are very injurious to health. They are also harmful to your heart. If you are chain smoker or a heavy drinker, stop it. Avoiding alcohol and smoking is good for health.

6. Avoid excessive drugs and medicines. They are not good for your health.

7. We should maintain a strong and healthy relationship with family members, friends, and relatives. Keeping healthy relationship increases our social status, makes our life balanced and happy. Being happy is good for the health.

8. One of the causes of heart attack is anxiety, stress, and tension. Therefore, we should be free from anxiety, depression, stress, and tension.

9. It is a medical fact that the diabetic patient may get the heart attack. Therefore, we must control diabetes. Some factors which cause diabetes are a disease of the pancreas, obesity, heredity, stress, malnutrition, hormone, etc. Hence, early detection of diabetes will give better ways for prevention and control.

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